4 Sex-ED Tips to Keep Your Health in Check!

The path to your best sexual health is a multi-angled one, but definitely, the one to take. Looking forward to a super-satisfying and enjoyable sex life begins with your health, and your sexual health is more than just using a condom.

If you want to have even more fulfilling experiences, here are 4 ways to keep both your sexual pleasure and health in shape.

Don’t Take Pleasures Enhancers Recreationally

Even though you might like the effect libido-boosting pills have on you, using them just for the fun of it can be complicated. Pills such as Viagra or Cialis are also called vasodilators. This means that they help the blood vessel walls relax, thus enhancing blood circulation and giving you a stronger erection. However, when used recreationally, stamina drugs are also used to treat erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure. Moral of the story? Don’t take the drugs on your own accord, and consult your doctor first.

Sex-ED Tips: Give It Versatility!

Whether during sex or when having fun alone, changing dynamics can protect your health and give you pleasure. When exploring your angles of satisfaction, you stimulate new muscles, which then boosts your blood circulation. However, before getting to bed, you will need to switch your ‘alone time’ practices and reconsider or enrich your masturbation style. In doing so, you will learn how to give yourself pleasure without losing your orgasm or erection.  

Careful with the Toys!

Male sex toys are quite popular, but even so, there are some limitations to using them. To make sure you avoid an injury or a minor accident, be cautious about how you use your toys. For instance, if you like rings or ties or rubber bands, be sure not to keep them too tight as it might hurt the sack. Aside from injuries, you could also get exposed to bacteria and infections, so wash your toys properly after using them. Yes, when playing alone, too.

Sex-ED Tips: You Take Advantage of Edging!

Edging can be a pleasurable tactic, but continuing it for too long can lead to health issues. Intentional or not, prolonged ejaculation does not do your ‘pipes’ justice, and can cause inflammation of the prostate. According to science, you should avoid taking long breaks as much as possible, and ‘maintain’ yourself once a week or once every two weeks.

Keep the Kit Clean!

Aside from your sex toy kit, to ensure your health is spotless, keep your personal hygiene kit as clean as possible. This means you should change razors frequently, avoid using rusty tools, and keep your own intimate hygiene towel. Otherwise, you become exposed to various conditions, such as cuts, irritation, razor burns, and ingrown hair. 

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