6 Red-Flag Phrases to Never Say to Your Escort!

Far from the exhilaration and comfort, booking an escort is all about communicating in the right manner. When you book an agency-based escort, the booking process is handled by the agency’s team, so you get very little time to actually talk with your date.

However, once you meet, and your date commences, it is important that you pay attention to the underlying questions you ask. Even if your date is willing to answer your questions, some statements should never make your conversation list.

Here are 6 red-flag statements no escort wants to hear.

1. How Many Clients do You Date?

Unless you want to make your date feel uncomfortable and tricked into answering, this is a question to never ask your escort. Because, at the end of the day, it is not about who your escort dates and when, but what she can do for you when you spend time together.

2. Can I Get a Discount?

Come on, now, you can do so much better than this. Asking your escort date for a discount is a huge turn-off, and it likely won’t score you a second date. As you agree prices and discounts with the agency your escort is working for, there is absolutely no reason to play the cheapskate card and bother your date to make cost exceptions.  

3. Can I Record our Date?

No, and no. This is a hardcore question that should never leave your lips even if it crosses your mind. Escort dating is all about privacy, intimacy, and discretion, so you suggesting to tape your experience is downright insulting.

4. Can I Give You a Ride?

Even if you are trying to impress your escort date, offering her a ride can be a really off-putting suggestion. Remember, you are dating a professional escort, not your standard date. That said, your escort’s agency likely has arranged transportation for your date, so it is best to end your date on a professional note. 

5. ‘I am Allergic to Latex’

Quite the excuse to have non-protection sex, many clients have noted that they suffer from latex allergy just so they can avoid wearing condoms. Even if you are allergic to latex, today’s market offers many non-latex condom solutions, so don’t use this justification as a way to skip using protection for your escort date.  

6. ‘You Could do More with Your Life’

This has to be the cheesiest statement an escort can hear. Taking a swing at an escort’s way of life or acting like she needs to be saved is both uncalled for and sort of offensive. At the end of the day, you are the one booking her services, and she is a grown woman who knows what she wants and it is not to be lectured. 

Source: https://skipthegames.com/articles/escort-resources/which-14-comments-should-escorts-consider-red-flag

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