6 Ways to Recognize a Sexually Compatible Date!

If you ever felt things click in the bedroom, you know how sexual compatibility works. However, hot and thrilling sexual chemistry doesn’t happen as often as we would want it to. So, what does sexual chemistry look like? How do you recognize a spark that is worth the experience?

To answer all your questions, here are 6 signs that indicate a potent sexual attraction and compatibility.

No Selfishness in Bed

With a sexually compatible date, you will feel no need to be selfish in your pleasure. When you feel sexually connected to a woman, it will show in the way you want to share your pleasure with her and vice versa. You won’t mind focusing on their pleasure only and you will want to ensure they have a great time in bed, just like you do. 

You are In Tune

Communication is a powerful asset to use in bed. That said, with a sexually compatible date, you can expect both your verbal and non-verbal communication to happen. With them, the spark just happens and you somehow know what the other person needs. Although rare, once things click in the bedroom, you will know it.

You are Satisfied

All the time. No matter what your sex life looks like, when you share your bed with someone compatible, the satisfaction will come on both ends. Learning about what the other person likes in bed will be easier than with others, and your thrill and orgasms will never miss a tryst.

Exploration is Spontaneous

When sexual chemistry exists between you and your date, you won’t hesitate to explore your sexualities in new and exciting ways. In addition, you will feel excited about inspecting every angle of pleasure in bed, and you will be looking forward to learning more about what makes sex so good for you two.

A Leap of Faith

When things click in bed, you will immediately feel more spontaneous and trusting towards your date. That means that you will allow yourselves to be vulnerable in bed and therefore, more honest and freed of judgment.


Sexual attraction, when real, will give you much-needed confidence in everything you do. Because you are so compatible in bed, you will feel more secure and satisfied in your date’s company. Best of all, you will learn how to grow your self-confidence for your future trysts and outside the bed, too.

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