4 Best Toys for the Anal Sex Thrill!

There’s no doubt about it, anal sex is a fetish deserving of its massive popularity. The kink and naughtiness of anal play can be a great erotic field to explore, and it doesn’t just revolve around penis-in-backend penetration.

If you are curious to make anal sex more enjoyable for your lady, or even if you are open to trying it yourself, toys are a great tool for beginners to enjoy. And, with so much choice on the market already, it seems as though the anal sex craze has more and more couples eager to try it.

Before we list the top anal play toys you can bring into the bedroom, remember, a generous dose of lubricant and consideration go a long way.

Top 4 Anal Sex Toys to Try Now!

1. Anal Beads

Not too penetrative, and not too intrusive, anal beads are a fabulous toy to get you started. The beads are usually vertical and well-attached to one another and can be used up to the length that makes both you and your partner comfortable. The plus about anal beads is they are more comfortable than other butt toys and are way more effective in terms of arousal.

2. Anal Sex: Butt Plugs

This popular anal toy has drastically enriched sex life for both singles and daters! However, the thing about butt plugs is we oftentimes fail to use them right. Rather than the known in-and-out way of doing it, butt plugs are meant to be slightly twisted when placed inside the anal opening. This helps stimulate the anal walls more easily and creates a space of vacuum which additionally boost the excitement.

And now you know.

3. Bullet Vibrators

With the arrival of alien talk came the talk of anal probing and immediately, there was a great curiosity set behind it. Bullet vibrators, for instance, are an effective anal probing toy that ranges in shapes and sizes and offers a guaranteed pleasure when using it right. Along with a slight penetration, bullet vibrators introduce a nuance in inner stimulation and help you find the key to a raging orgasm.

4. Anal Sex: Inflatable Toys

If you have considered sensation play before, this is the thing for you. Inflatable anal toys come with a small pump and have to first be inserted inside the anus. Once they are inflated on the inside, they redefine pleasure by awaking new forms of stimulation as well as undiscovered levels of orgasmic anal pressure!

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