Embarrassing Sex Quirks: Handle them Like a Pro!

On the subject of sex, we always envision it as fun, thrilling and exciting. And for the most part, sex is exactly that. However, every now and again, it brings embarrassing sex quirks and poses questions we’d all like to know the answer to.

What happens when good sex is interrupted by something we consider a flop or a flaw? Is there a way to fix it?

In trying to understand how to deal with awkward moments during sex, it is important you realize two important things. First, sex fails and concerns happen to everyone. Second, a muscle cramp or tangled hair is not a worrisome issue, but a bridge to be crossed once you get to it.
To make things easier in the bedroom, here are 5 of the most common sex quirks, and the ways you can put them aside.

Your ‘O’ Face!

Orgasms are the mind-blowing end-line of sex. However, we cannot help but think about the weird faces we make while experiencing them. Naturally, during an orgasm, the body clenches and tenses the muscles, making us powerless over our grimaces. The way you handle this concern is simple.

Realizing that everyone makes faces during sex, as awkward as they might be, is more than liberating. Even more, many find expressive ‘O’ faces as a serious turn-on – the quivering, the wincing, the panting…ahhh.
Next time you orgasm, let the flow consume you, rather than worrying about it.

Embarrassing Sex Quirks: Flatulence!

Oh-oh, you just passed gas in midst of sex.
Yes, this can be a more uncomfortable body reaction, but it is still a completely normal and common one. One way to think about it is, no one actually wants to pass gas while making love. Therefore, you can label the ‘deed’ unintentional. Also, if and when it happens, set your embarrassment to the side and have a good laugh over it. Plain as day.


If you have a post-menopausal partner, you might experience some breast leakage in the midst of ‘action’. Leaking is also common in pregnant women, nursing mothers and women recovering after surgery. When a bit of milk comes ‘out to play’, treat it as the body’s natural response to arousal.
Even more, use this unusual trigger as a hot kink, which will always keep you in check with your partner’s erotic excitement.

Embarrassing Sex Quirks! Curious Children

Has your or your partner’s child ever walked on you having sex? Not the most pleasant of experiences, children in the bedroom can cause for panic. Still, we’d advise you to do just the opposite. Yes, you don’t want your child peeking on your ‘hot fun’, but if it happens, minimalizing the drama is the key.

The thing to do in this instance is to put on some clothes quickly and explain the situation as basically as possible.

Where’s the Orgasm?

Many classify orgasms as the pit of a sexual encounter. And while by definition it is exactly that, many men tend to forget the art of good foreplay and lovemaking with orgasms out of the picture. Sometimes, even men struggle to bring ‘closure’, and in both cases, the issue most often stems from stress.

If you want to mend the issue, talk to your partner openly about it and share ideas on what could help. In case this is an occasional thing, make sure that at least your partner ‘gets off’, even if you don’t. Should the issue be ongoing, it is recommended you speak to a sex therapist – this might help you more than you think!

Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/married-and-still-doing-it/201712/7-snafus-during-sex-what-do-when-things-go-wrong

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