Halloween Fetishes for the Kinkiest Couples!

Are you ready to turn up your sex game, just in time for Halloween?

This holiday season, take the mystery and stigma surrounding Halloween and give your bedroom activities the chance to blossom.

Intended for couples who like to push the limits of pleasure by adding a bit of kink and spook in the bedroom, here are the top 5 festive fetishes to bring you one step closer to a hotter sex life!

Halloween Fetishes: Candle Play

This intriguing concept uses candle wax as a way to stimulate the body, and especially the sensitive erogenous zones. Get yourself comfortable, take your clothes off and let your partner pour hot drips of candle wax all over your body. For an even more intense feel, you can use the drips as punishment for not being able to sit through the hot sensation. Fun, fun!

Scavenger Hunt

Find a way to heat things up before you even get to the bedroom! One of the ways to do that is to create a scavenger hunt for your partner, leaving hints and clues to what’s following next. In doing so, you can leave polaroid photos of your bedroom, steamy proverbs for your partner to figure out and, of course, a reward to make the game worth playing!

Bring out the Whips and Binds

Whips can be a great bedroom accessory, and to do that, you’ll need to establish ground rules and come up with a safe word.  Other than that, whips are a great way to increase the passionate tension in the bedroom. Sure, if you’re into more experimenting, you can try other assets as well, including blindfolds, belts and plastic ties.

Roll the Dice

Available to purchase and even easier to make, play dices can be a great way to kick off the sexy Halloween fetishes! If you’re making your own dice, you can draw poses or instructions on each side, thus tossing and taking turns with your partner and please each other all night long!

Halloween Fetishes: Post Its

Another take on the scavenger hunt idea is to place post-it notes at strategic places in your house. This can be a sex game which continues way after Halloween fetishes and it can instruct your partner on what he or she should do once the post-it is revealed. Off the top of our head, you can go with anything from ‘Stop what you’re doing and please me orally’, to ‘Take off your clothes and walk naked around the house’

Happy Halloween!

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