How to Gain Higher Confidence in Sex?

One of the greatest misconceptions about men and Confidence in Sex is that they should have it naturally. However, nurturing sexual self-confidence is a complex concept dependent on various factors. Some of the self-confidence issues most men have during sex are related to their physical appearance, bedroom endurance; and sure enough, performance.

Still, if you are looking to grow your sexual confidence, these 4 magnificent tips are a great starting point. 

Overthinking is the Enemy!

Your sexual experiences should never be overthought or overanalyzed. Unfortunately, many men tend to feel unsure even before sex happens. As a result, when push comes to shove; they tend to overthink their next move and end up disappointed with how it all went down.

Next time you are in bed, don’t ask yourself too many questions. Instead, allow your naturally sensual responses to come out to play. Spontaneity over calculation!

Confidence in Sex: Play, Play, Play!

When having sex, staying curious, and mastering the sensuality of teasing will help you become a confident lover. A sexually confident man understands that women need more stimulation (and a lot of it!); and less patterns, so keep your options open. Never tried sex toys before? Be daring enough to try them- they are incredibly amazing!

Of course, you cannot expect to know everything about your woman’s pleasure, but the more you play with her; the more you practice and enrich your sexual repertoire.

Comparison is Toxic!

If you are seeking to build sexual confidence, forget all about comparing yourself to others. In essence, you can’t really know how good or bad someone is during sex; so there is no point in assuming everyone is better than you.

At the end of the day, no man has the same sexual style in bed and that’s what makes sex incredible in the first place. Try to give yourself the benefit of the doubt at some point. Realize that having a woman in your bed means she wants to be with you just as much as you do with her.

Confidence in Sex: Date an Escort!

One of the surest ways to learn all there is to learn about sexual confidence is to book a professional company. Around an escort date, you can be yourself and experiment with all your fantasies.

In addition, escorts are super-experienced, and will help you loosen up during sex and learn a few new sexy tricks, too!


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