6 Hot Tips to Get You Valentines Day Ready!

Got any sexy plans for Valentine’s Day? Yes, you may have a romantic dinner date all planned out, but what about before after and in between? Even if you are just celebrating for the day, there are many ways to make the holiday extra special for you and your partner.

With romance, love and connection also come great intimacy and passion, so here are 6 Get You Valentines Day Ready zest up your love and sex life!

Turn off the Lights and Get Wet!

A bubble bath for two takes a whole new meaning when done in the pitch dark. For this intensely passionate scenario, all you need is some inviting music, a bathtub big enough for two and the comfort of your bodies coming together!

Get You Valentines Day Ready: Keep It Quiet!

Even with children in the house, you can still pull off a successful and sexy Valentine’s Day. To give it a twist rather than making it a chore, initiate a sexy rendezvous and no matter what you do, keep your voices to a minimum. The silence accompanied by soft breaths will get your pulse racing like crazy!

Naked Fun!

If you have the time and space for it, don’t hesitate to spend your Valentine’s Day completely in the nude. Whether you watch a saucy movie together or simply wine and dine, being naked around your partner will have you craving the bedroom in no time.

A Word-by-Word Story!

Beginning in the morning, compose a naughty message for your partner, and send it throughout the day, one word at a time. This intriguing way of sexting will have your partner guessing your words, creating sexy anticipation for your upcoming date.

Get You Valentines Day Ready: A Present!

If you crave a sexy Valentine’s Day, you’ll have to play your part. When choosing a gift for your partner, add something raunchy to your usual shopping list, and get her a pair of fluffy handcuffs or a nice lingerie set. Instead of giving it to her, you can leave hints and clues around the house and leave instructions on how you’d want her to use the gifts.

The Awakening!

Show your partner some real appreciation and dedicate an entire morning to her. Wake her up with a wet and smooth oral, help her shower and put on her lotion and ultimately make her favorite breakfast while helping her get dressed. In doing so, keep your erotic momentum going, while pacing yourself with having actual sex. The attention you put into the smallest details in the morning will definitely pay off during your date that evening.

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