Liquids to Never Use as Lubricant!

Using a lubricant during sex became one of the most necessary parts of having great sex in the first place. With so many lubricants out there, and all serving a different purpose, you can count on having a slide-and-glide, perfect sex you always envisioned.

Oftentimes, lubes are left out of the having-sex part, which doesn’t change the game but does change the actual enjoyment you get from it. And while the importance of using lubricant during sex is undoubted, finding an alternative for it won’t do much to boost your bedroom adventures.

Back in the day, people didn’t rely on a lubricant to get their sexy on and instead used numerous substitutes for it. Unfortunately, there is hardly any viable option that will give you the smoothness a lube will. That said, here are 4 things you should never use as lubricants. 

Liquids Not To Use As Lubricant: Coconut Oil!

Although widely accepted, coconut oil doesn’t serve as a lubricant. As healthy as it is, coconut oil offers plenty of antibacterial properties; which can disturb the natural pH balance in the body. As a result, you can expose yourself to unnecessary infections. Interestingly; coconut oil works great for the skin and hair, but when it comes to downstairs affairs, it’s best to skip using it.

Petroleum Jelly!

Petroleum jelly is a popular option when it comes to lubricant alternatives. Nevertheless, petroleum jelly can actually be more harmful than beneficial to your sex life. Much like coconut oil, petroleum jelly locks in the moisture of the body, and as this moisture absorbs in the skin, it is harder to remove. In turn, if using it, you might be setting yourselves up for a variety of infections. Although it is an oil-based product, petroleum jelly doesn’t work well with latex condoms and can cause them to rip.

Liquids Not To Use As Lubricant: Saliva!

Saliva makes a century-old lubrication technique that has been practiced by countless sex-havers. However, saliva carries a plethora of bacteria in it, and while it moisturizes the skin, it actually has no real lubrication effects. Using spit instead of an actual lubricant can be a painful experience, as the saliva will dry off fast.


Although there is a general interest in using food during sex, using the two as lubricants is a huge no-no. Again, if you use food to lubricate the vagina or penis, you can get exposed to bacteria and other substances the food contains. Plus, even if you used a certain fruit or vegetable for penetration; you will have to do a complete douche afterward to remove any leftovers. Uh-huh, not cute.


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