Men's Sexuality: Debunking 4 Popular Myths!

A man’s sexuality has long been misinterpreted, to say the least. There is a stigma that surrounds sexuality as it is, but when it comes to men, some concepts are just not going away. However, if you want to better understand your erotic arousal, you have to look deeper at the most unpopular theories out there.

For starters, let’s debunk some of the most debated myths on men’s sexuality, as listed below. 

Men and Monogamy Don’t Go Hand in Hand!

This is likely one of the oldest myths out there, suggesting that men are not monogamous creatures. However, extensive DNA testing showed that neither men nor women are sexually monogamous. That said, monogamy is a concept of personal decision, as well as circumstances and emotional ripeness and ideals. Nonetheless, while men might not always commit to a relationship, they can be perfectly monogamous even when dating casually.

Men Fantasize about Sex More than Women!

Again, this is one of those myths that won’t seem to go away. However, as much as word has it that men want more sex than women, which is not true. Naturally, both men and women carry the sexual desire within, much as animals do. One of the reasons why men could seem like they crave more sex than women is because women relate sex with emotions, whereas men tend to use sex as a form of physical release.   

Ejaculation Is the Peak of Erotic Pleasure!

Oftentimes, men believe that ejaculation and orgasm are two intertwined concepts. But, as it turns out, men are well able to orgasm even without ejaculation. Orgasms without ejaculation are not only possible, but science says they can be more beneficial than ejaculatory orgasms. Men who are able to withhold ejaculation when orgasming find it easier to have multiple orgasms, and build their sense of desire, and confidence.

Sexual Stimulation Depends on Erections!

There is this belief that erections are the first sign of sexual pleasure. While erections are a definite sign of enjoying yourself during sex, they are not the triggers of your sexual arousal. As you know, the biggest sex organ for both men and women is the brain, and a few other things, such as the power of touch and imagination. Interestingly, studies showed that a semi-erect penis is far more sensitive than a fully erected one, so take your pleasure slowly and enjoy every bit of it!


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