Mistakes You Make at an Adult Club (vol.1)

Adult bars can be a great pastime for curious singles and couples who want something out of the ordinary. However, whether you are going to a striptease bar or a burlesque show, there is always a particular bon-ton to follow. Namely, despite your interest in unraveling the secret pleasures of erotica, it is also important that you are a gentleman on every occasion.

And, if you don’t really fancy getting kicked out of an adult bar, here are 5 Mistakes You Make at an Adult Club. 

Mistakes You Make at an Adult Club: No Tips!

One of the most important things to do at an adult club is to always be a good tipper. Truth be told, a bad tipper is just as bad as a problem-maker, and you can’t really expect great service if you are not open to spending a few bucks. Plus, most adult clubs have a wide spectrum of girls on rotation, meaning you never tip the same person twice. And even if you do, you’re doing yourself a favor.

Liquid Courage!

Drinking excessively at a strip club is not the wisest idea. With alcohol, some boundaries might get blurry and you could easily get yourself in trouble with the bouncers. Aside from talking to the girls, touching is usually prohibited at most adult clubs, as is sharing personal information or intimate flirting. You are here to enjoy a good show, and drinks or no drinks, make sure you do just that. 

Mistakes You Make at an Adult Club: Bargaining!

The only thing worse than a bad tipper is a bargainer. No matter how much you try to slip through the cracks with bargaining for a longer dance or whatever, you’ll only manage to get yourself kicked out. If you are touchy about spending too much money, it is best you do proper research of the club you’re visiting, so you can have the cash ready upfront.

Fishing for Compliments!

Flirting is a part of being a guest at an adult club, but trying to coarse the girls to worship you is just silly. Think of it this way- all customers and guests pay the same prices, so everyone is treated the same. And while a nice compliment always does the ego good, asking for it or demanding it can seem a tad desperate.

Mistakes You Make at an Adult Club: Rudeness!

If your main activity at a night club is being rude, trouble will always find you. Being impolite at an adult club is a big no, so if you want a pleasant experience, out on your nice face. Think of it this way- waitresses, dancers, whoever it may be, these people work here. Now, how would you feel if someone came to your work and shouted in your face for no good reason? Not good, right?

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