Mistakes You Make at an Adult Club (vol.2)

Visiting an adult bar is probably the dream of most men who want visual stimulation and erotica. Still, even with the erotica in question, adult bars require a particular behavior of you as a client and a visitor. While there are many ways to zest up your experience at an adult bar, there are also a few things you will have to avoid, especially if you want to come back for more.

Here are five more mistakes to avoid when paying your favorite adult bar a visit.

Mistakes You Make at an Adult Club: Dress Code!

Most adult bars don’t have a strict dress code, but that doesn’t mean you should show up in flip-flops and shorts. If you want to be taken seriously as a customer, the least you can do is put on some jeans and a T-shirt. Also in terms of clothes, all employees at an adult bar will have their specific dress code, too. These uniforms help you tell the difference between a waitress, a performer, and a hostess, and of course, to act accordingly.


If you are a gentler type, adult bars are not the place for romance. On the contrary, adult bars offer instant fun and an unforgettable show, so it’s good to remember that everyone you meet actually works there. Because of that, it would be absurd to get yourself romantically involved with an employee or worse, get busted.

Mistakes You Make at an Adult Club: Extras!

Depending on the type of adult bar you are visiting, you can sometimes ask for extras, and other times, you can’t. If you are at a striptease bar, asking for a lap dance might be fine, but then, VIP treatment might not apply. No matter which adult club you choose, always make sure you know what’s the offer and if it meets your requirements. And don’t even begin to try and push your luck, as you are most likely being recorded and then there’s the security detail issue.


Whatever move you make with an employee of an adult club, make sure you have consent for it. Consent is a highly relevant thing to ask for at adult clubs, as otherwise, it can get you in serious trouble with the management. And when we say consent, we mean any type of consent, whether it is a kiss, a hug or a spank. While we are at it, please don’t do that thing with shoving your money wherever you please. It’s just not cool.

Mistakes You Make at an Adult Club: Indiscretion!

Experimenting at an adults’ club is one thing, but then bragging to everyone about is simply too much. As you know, people like to chat, and sharing your secrets won’t do much for your privacy. The best way to enjoy an adult bar, at least in our humble opinion, is alone and when in the right mood.

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