Have More Sex with Your Partner?

Despite popular belief, sexual chemistry and intimacy don’t just happen and just like that, they don’t just continue to exist. In relationships, sex often becomes a matter of schedule, which can then lead one partner to crave more sex than the other.

First, let me start by saying, there is nothing wrong with having a healthy and alive sexual appetite. However, if your partner is not as sexual as you are, asking for this kind of intimacy might be taken as intrusive and offensive. Nevertheless, if your bedroom life is a bit stale, there are polite ways to tell your partner you are wanting more. Below, we present a list of helpful methods to help you have More Sex with Your Partner.

More Sex with Your Partner: Stay Positive!

As simple truth to learn is that discussing sex with your partner is a must. In doing so, though, never start the conversation by stating the negative things about your current sex life. Instead, be open with your partner and tell her what the things you like in your sex life are. Complimenting your partner is relevant to do either way, whether you are about to ask for more sex or not. Once she feels comfortable with the topic, you can take the liberty to discuss brining more of that amazing sex back. 

Got Any Questions?

Ask them! Asking questions about your partner’s sexuality, drive and intimacy is quite normal and necessary practice in a relationship. If you care to have more sex, you would want to ask what is holding your partner back. Is she just not as sexual? Does she lack a certain kind of stimulation? What works best for both of you? What can you agree on? Yeah, there are about a million sex-related sex questions to ponder, so start asking.

More Sex with Your Partner: No Complaints!

Complaining to your partner about not having enough of it, but then expecting to get more sex in return is just absurd. No one wants to be criticized on a matter as delicate as sex and being a good lover, and that includes you, too. Therefore, keep your complaining to yourself, and simply go for the kindest, most honest option you have. For instance, being curious about what makes your partner feel more sexual will give you a clearer idea of what steps to take next. Woo that girl all over, now. Come on. You got it.

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