5 Reasons Why No-Alcohol Sex is the Best Sex You’ll Have!

Do you actually need alcohol to have great sex? Not according to science. Yes, a drink or two can both stimulate and arouse you more easily, but then, just as alcohol empowers your skills at times it can hurt them just as easily.

Want to try sober sex for yourself and see what happens? Here are 5 mind-blowing reasons why no-alcohol sex is way, way better than drunk sex.

You are More Empowered…

…To both ask what you want in bed and say what you actually dislike about it. With alcohol, our inhibitions are usually more heightened, which then means we oftentimes do things we don’t particularly like about sex, just because we expect them to feel good. With sober sex, however, your yeses and noes will be definite and clear, which will then leave room for more of the good stuff.

More In-Tune with Yourself

When you have no-alcohol sex, you allow yourself to have a spiritual and clear experience that connects you to what you want on a deeper level. With no liquor in your system, you get in touch with your mind and body and realize that naturally born pleasure is far better than alcohol-provoked one.

Building Greater Self-Worth

Sobriety and sex make a superb combination as you finally realize how to be sexually happy without needing to drink. One of the worst things we do when it comes to alcohol and bedroom affairs is that we let drinking build our self-esteem. But, when you are done with drinking, you have a clear head on your shoulders and can build this self-confidence naturally. 

No Regrets

Drinking and sex can be a menacing combination when it comes to engaging in spontaneous and uncalculated sex experiences. When you drink too much and have too much casual sex, you could end up regretting some of the things you did. Well, when you quit drinking, you will have more clarity about the kinds of sexual experiences you want to engage in or steer clear off, and that will save you many cringeworthy moments. 

More Intense Sensations

Once you begin exploring no-drinking sex, you will learn just how sensitive and responsive your body can be to physical, verbal and even virtual stimulation. Suddenly, your mind can process the sensations happening as a result of the natural sexual arousal, and that will make you more emotionally, sexually, and physically satisfied.   

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