4 Things to Learn If You Want to Excel in Oral Sex!

There seems to be a clear division between our sex expectations and how it really is.

Naturally, with adult content available all over the internet, sometimes the visuals overpower the practice. Unfortunately, this leads to the creation of unrealistic expectations and later on, disappointment in sex in general.

But, as far as pornography goes, sex has very little to do with how we see it in the ‘movies’. To prevent these misconceptions, we debunk 10 sex expectations we shouldn’t really have.

Sex Expectations: A Double Orgasm!

A simultaneous orgasm for both partners seems rather ideal but not as realistic in real life. Typically, men don’t need as much time to orgasm as women do, so coordination is an issue when trying to orgasm together.

A double orgasm is not impossible either, but it will take the man some restraint and control to get there.

Female Ejaculation!

Another kinky fetish we keep on chasing in bed is squirting. Squirting is also known as female ejaculation and happens once the G-spot is stimulated enough. The misconception is that women can trigger their bodies to ejaculate, which is untrue. That said, a female ejaculation is not fiction, but it takes patience and some craft.

Sex Expectations: BDSM!

It looks quite appealing when we see it on TV, but not all men or women are cut out for BDSM. Usually, it is the woman who is controlled or dominated by the man, and we see it work every time. The truth is, however, that most women are not comfortable being ordered around and don’t find any pleasure in BDSM activities. If you are lucky, you can meet a likeminded sex partner and indulge in your fantasies, but if that’s not the case, it’s better not to force it.

Lasting Erections!

One of the things which most men dread is whether they will be able to ‘keep it together’ in bed, especially in terms of ejaculation. Premature ejaculation has fear written all over it because when we are stimulated by fictional material, we see the guys going forever and having the best sex possible.

Contrary to this belief, however, it is normal for men to ejaculate sooner rather than later, but that does not have to take points off their performance. Also, if you are willing to learn, you can achieve a lasting erection by practicing tantric sex or controlling your orgasm.

Sex Expectations: No-Strings-Attached Sex!

As much as we love to make casual sex work, in real life, there are not many women who actually enjoy the benefits of sex without those of a relationship. Because of that, keep misunderstandings out of the way and hire yourself an escort as a guarantee of the best casual sex experience.

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