8 Spicy Positions for Tall Men (vol.1)

If you ever thought height can interfere with the quality of your sex life- it’s time to dig into your options! Sex is all about experimenting, feeling good and finding just the right spot, and best of all, it offers a little something for everyone.

Tallness is usually not an issue, but when in bed, things can get a bit trickier. From finding the perfect-size bed to adjusting to your partner’s body, tall men oftentimes struggle to find the ideal position for them.

If you have a few extra inches in build (and we mean it as a compliment), here are 4 of the 8 sexiest Positions for Tall Men that can work!

Positions for Tall Men: Table Top!

I bet you never thought a table might be one of the best sex props you could use, right? Well, newsflash, tall men, tables are one of the best options for having great sex without worrying about centimeters. The position is simple - the woman lies back on a table, whereas the man settles between her legs. If a table is not an option, you can do the position by using a chair or even a kitchen counter!

Little Spoon!

One position that allows you to engage in proper penetration during sex, without making your height an issue is the little spoon. And while we are not referring to actual spooning, this posture can be ideal for men who don’t fancy too much movement but are keen on touching, exploring and getting it on. To get into the position, lie sideways in your bed, with your partner in your front. Entering from behind from here should be swift and easy, and you can always adjust a little more if needed.

Positions for Tall Men: Lotus!

The Lotus position is a favorite of many men, regardless of their height, but it works particularly well for all the tall lads out there. Take a nice seat on the bed (or a chair), and cross your legs. Your partner should position herself in your lap, with her legs straddling your waist. Here, you have the option to extend your legs forward and find both comfort and rhythm.


A variation of the doggy style, the Corgi doesn’t differ much in position but it does in effect. Position yourselves in the regular doggy style, but this time, ask your partner to bring her legs together and pop her butt in the air. Once high enough for penetration, position yourself between her legs (while keeping them closed as well) and let the erotic looming begin!

Source: https://www.womenshealthmag.com/sex-and-love/g19549291/sex-positions-short-women-tall-men/

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