8 Spicy Positions for Tall Men (vol.2)

Is your height getting in the way of great sex? Not anymore!

Great sex can still be great, whether you are on the shorter or taller side. But, today, let’s put an extra focus on finding that perfect sex positions for tall men and shorter women. If you are a fan of finding all the right spots in bed, don’t take your height as a downfall but as a chance to experiment and uncover an array of positions that will work ideally for yourself and your partner.

And, to put an end to your height concerns during sex, here are 4 more positions that will make you and your partner two very happy lovers!

Positions for Tall Men: The Snake!

The snake is a great position for tall lads as it enables you to have freedom of movement and imminent body contact, too. In the position, the woman lies flat on her stomach, and the man comes from the top- sort of like doggy style, but without the on-all-fours detail. If you want a bit more access and liberty, you can use a pillow to place under your partner’s stomach and give yourself just enough room to get funky.

The Corkscrew!

This position is not only ideal for tall guys, but it is also great for changing things up in the bedroom. Have your partner lie sideways on the bed, with her body just at the edge and her butt almost hanging in the air. Having the woman in a horizontal position while you are standing upright creates almost a ‘plus’ shape and gives you the freedom to penetrate, tease and adjust just right. 

Positions for Tall Men: The Wheelbarrow!

If flexibility is your and your partner’s forte, the Wheelbarrow will make you very happy and satisfied. While you are standing up, have your partner bend forward and place her hands on the ground, for extra stability. Then, come between her legs, and lift them to wrap around your waist or at your sides. This way, you can control both your and your partner’s pleasure without worrying if everything will fit in all the right places.

Mini Pretzel Dip

Not just for tall men, this position is very pleasurable for everyone who likes a deeper penetration, heavier body contact and plenty of intimacy. In the position, the woman lies on the bed, turned sideways, with her legs placed on each side of your hips. Position yourself between her knees and add a pillow if you need additional support, and...let the rock-and-roll begin! 

Source: https://www.womenshealthmag.com/sex-and-love/g19549291/sex-positions-short-women-tall-men/

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