Tips for the Sneakiest, Riskiest Sex!

When life gets too hectic and busy, a steamy quickie might be just what you need. The thing with quickies, however, is that you get limited time to find erotic pleasure. At the same time, that’s also the reason that makes quickies so fun to begin with.

Whether at home or at an event, there’s always room to pull off a great quickie and let the risk factor get you in the mood!

In order to make a quickie hotter, unnoticed and sneaky as hell, here are 5 Riskiest Sex tips to give a shot!

Riskiest Sex: Make It a Game!

With limited time at hand, you can make a quickie worth your while by turning it into a fun game. Therefore, agree to keep as quiet as possible with your partner, and have a silent race to the finish line.

The truth is, keeping quiet during a quickie is almost a ‘must’. But, working for the silence in the midst of erotic stimulation is a great challenge to take on!

Lotus Position!

One way to keep movements and noises during a quickie to a minimum is to try the lotus position. In the position, the man sits with his legs crossed, while the woman comes on top. With minimal movements, you will pull off a successful quickie and still find erotic bliss and intimacy.

Riskiest Sex: Mattress Secrets!

If you are quite busy and engage in quickies more often, one of the ways to guarantee a silent, yet explosive experience is to use a proper mattress. A memory foam mattress is a great option, as it keeps your activities silent, which means no squeaky beds or loud banging…but banging nonetheless.

Control the Sounds!

If you or your partner are natural screamers, you can always make a quickie more silent by getting creative. Using duct tape, a ball gag or even a belt to bite into can be a great way to keep things hush-hush. Aside from keeping the sex on point and under the radar, a mouth restraint can be a hot trick to use when you feel like playing out a scenario.

Riskiest Sex: A Secret Code!

Whenever you feel in the mood for on-the-go sex, come up with a safe word for you and your partner to use. For instance, if you are at home, you can use something simple and unnoticeable like ‘I’m going to the garage/ basement’ or ‘Let me check inside the car’. And cue the hotness!


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