6 Sex Fantasies Both Men and Women Share!

Sex Fantasies are often not the same for men and women. On one hand, men tend to think of sex as a form of expression. For women, sex fantasies are more of an emotionally driven naturally. Sex fantasies are a completely normal and healthy to have. Surprisingly, some sex fantasies are shared by both men and women, without them ever realizing this.

If we got your interest, here are the top 6 sex fantasies both men and women share, as well as their meanings.

Watching People Have Sex

Men fantasize about observing people having sex as much as women do. It is like a real-life adult move, only the impact is way stronger.

The meaning behind this fantasy has to do with sexual confidence. In fact, people who have this fantasy are pretty happy with what they have to offer in bed, so they don’t mind watching others do it all.

Sex Fantasies: Threesome, and Then Some!

Whether a threesome of a full-blown orgy, this fantasy is common for women as it is for men. Women, on one hand, usually imagine a one-girl-two-guys scenario. For men, it is the opposite.

However, with men, this fantasy has to do with feeling powerful and desired, whereas, for women, it indicates the desire to observe this intimately.

Strangers in the Night!

A popular sex fantasy, a stranger having your way with you is desired by men and women. The explanation behind this fantasy is the thrill and mystery it brings along, putting sex first as the most primal instinct.

How very animalistic of us.

Sex Fantasies: Public!

Even if it is just your balcony, public places and sex are like bread and butter. Aside from being exhilarating to imagine or do, the fantasy itself goes back to the illegality of it. It seems as neither men nor women like to obey the rules all the time.

Another meaning behind this fantasy reveals that you might be a rebellious soul, and want your sex skills to get the attention they deserve. Well, damn.

The One Who Got Away!

A past lover, someone you’ll never have again, a secret affair…sexually chasing after the one you can’t have is…well, interesting. Again, to uncover its meaning, we have to go back to Adam and Eve and the ‘forbidden’ fruit. It’s quite simple, you see, people like the adrenaline of the chase.

Sex Fantasies: Bondage!

Although on the raunchier side, bondage is very popular among men and women. Oftentimes, in sexual bondage fantasies, those fantasizing about them are the submissive. The reason this is so is stress and obligations, which we all have a plenty. But, in a submissive sexual fantasy, no decision is up to you, and you can finally release the burden.

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