4 Sex Positions Using Gym Equipment!

It doesn’t take a gym expert to have mind-blowing sex, but playing with gym props is definitely an adventure worth diving into! Props and gym equipment will give you both ripped muscles and a defined frame and a livelier, more dynamic sex life.

Don’t be surprised to learn that gym equipment (and not necessarily the expensive kind!) works great for your sex life, and here are the 4 positions to get you started!

Sex Positions Using Gym Equipment: Ride with Me!

If you have a Pilates ball at home, you can put it to a sexier use anytime you want more energetic sex. Take the ball and have your partner bend over it, while you hold her legs in the air, coming between them for penetration. With her torso against the ball and her hands placed on the ground, your partner maintains stability while at the same time, you are in charge of the motion. Roll it away!

Use a Dive Bar!

If you don’t have a dive bar at home, you can simply install one above any door in your home (ideally the bedroom door!). Then, have your partner hang from the bar, holding on her hands. At the same time, you can wrap her legs around your waist for stability and easier penetration. While it’s not the most easygoing of positions, it is definitely a hot scenario that calls for a quickie.

Sex Positions Using Gym Equipment: Lean on the Treadmill!

If you have a treadmill at home, place it by a wall and have your partner hop on it. To ease penetration and put things into motion, have your partner pop each leg on each armrest of the treadmill, while her butt hangs in the air. The position is perfect for endurance and fluidity in motion, and always rewards those willing enough to try it!

The Anti-Gravity Ball!

Perfect for foreplay, this next position once again calls to the Pilates ball for assistance. Get your partner warmed up in all the right places and have her lie back on the ball. Her legs can either come over your shoulders and chest or n this position or stay fixed to the ground for additional stability. Next, kneel before your partner, and treat yourself and her with some oral pleasure, after which you can immediately move into the first position we discussed.

And, as always, when playing with props, safety matters just as much as pleasure!

Source: https://www.menshealth.com.au/gym-equipment-sex-positions?category=sex

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