5 Sex Practices to Let Go Off with Age!

No one likes talking about Sex Practices gone wrong. However, sex in our 20s is not the same with sex in our 30s. And sex in the 30s in definitely not the same with sex in our 40s and 50s. That said, sex is like a fine wine, and you should have it better as you age.

Unfortunately, in our 20s, we tend to develop bad sexual habits which actually hurt the experience itself. For women, sex gets better with age as they become more comfortable to ask for what they want and get it. For men, on the other hand, changing the way they have sex can be a bit more challenging.

But, no one wants to have bad sex, right? Below, let’s discuss 4 sex practices that you need to cross off the sex menu, ideally by your 30s.

Sex Practices: The Risk Factor!

As far as sex is concerned, two decades ago things were much freer. That said, sex protection was not even up for debate- it was basically non-existent. However, as sex revolutionized, so did the need to protect yourself from a number of risks. From STDs to unwanted pregnancy, why spoil good sex by not wearing a condom? It’s simple, you don’t.

Not Like in the Movies!

Although porn movies have taught us a lot about the technicalities of sex, pretending to be in one is so very ‘last year’. It’s true that women also enjoy watching porn from time to time, but when it comes to the real deal, it is better you leave out scripted scenarios aside.

We’re not saying don’t ever watch adult movies again, we’re just saying that going with the flow during sex is much more fun to explore.

Sex Practices: Body Insecurities!

First, let’s wrap our heads around the fact that everyone has body insecurities. However, if you want to have good sex, the emotional meltdowns and self-criticism won’t play in your favor. Whether it is a beer belly, a few grey hairs or weird-looking feet (hey, I’m just guessing here!), the woman in your bed is clearly fine with them all.

Fake Orgasms!

Aren’t we over this yet? Apparently, for some, faking an orgasm is still a better option than actually experiencing one. Of course, there are times when your orgasm might fail you or get ‘stuck in traffic’, but faking it is actually a very ridiculous thing to do. Not only it doesn’t benefit anyone to fake it, it also pushes you farther away from ever being able to have an orgasm in the first place.

Sex Practices: Nicknaming!

Probably popular around the 90s, nicknaming your genitals or worse, your partner’s genitals, is not ever coming back in fashion. If you want to have great, hot, and grown-up sex, lose the nicknames stat. Of course, a tease here and there is fine, as long as you steer clear of Disney characters.

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