12 Things That Happen to Your Body during Orgasm

There is likely not a single person on this planet that doesn’t appreciate an intensely good orgasm. Aside from the obvious dose of pleasure, it also help the body regulate its basic processes. Emotional satisfaction aside, orgasms tend to manifest through a handful of external responses.

In short, here are 12 amazing things that happen to your body and mind when you set up for an orgasm:

  • • Your mind forms the ides of sexual desire.
  • • Your breathing and heart rate accelerate.
  • • Your body releases nitric oxide, a chemical that boosts blood circulation in the reproduction organs.
  • • The penis and clitoris erect once blood flow reaches them.
  • • The penis head, vagina lips, and vagina walls swell at the sensation.
  • • There is more lubrication to help build up the orgasm and set it free.
  • • Your nipples swell and erect, becoming more sensitive to touch.
  • • Your muscles tense up and contract, especially in the hands, feet, and face.
  • • You begin to experience delirious arousal.
  • • The oxytocin levels in your body are greater, which then makes you happier.
  • • Your body muscles spasm more frequently, getting ready for the release.
  • • And here it is, the tension relief you were looking for. Your body convulses and trembles, and inexplicable sounds happen out of the blue.
  • Congratulations, you just had an orgasm and it feels just right.

    And you know what? Orgasms can be so much fun, even when just talking scientifically, so here are a few more facts you should know:

    • • Most women can orgasm from nipple stimulation only. There are many ways to activate the nipples as an erogenous zone, so get your hands busy and learn a few new hacks!

    • • Multiple orgasms can easily happen if you are patient and elaborative. However, keep in mind than when giving multiple orgasms a shot, it is also important you give yourself a break between each one.

    • • If a woman’s clitoris is closer to the vaginal opening, she will be likelier to have an orgasm easily. If her clitoris is more than thumb-length apart, she might need a greater stimulation to reach an orgasm.

    • • Orgasm and ejaculation are not the same. Some people can reach orgasm without ejaculate, and can, therefore, ejaculate without an orgasm.
    • According to studies, the average man reaches an orgasm in up to 4 minutes, whereas it takes women 10-20 minutes before orgasming.

    Enough talk, go and have one for crying out loud!

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