Types of Male Orgasms!

5 Types of Male Orgasms: Where Do You Stand?

Did you know there are a more than one type of orgasms which men experience? While a woman’s orgasm has been debated for hours on end, rarely anyone ever speaks of the versatile ways in which men orgasm, too.

Orgasms, in general, can feel different, affect your body differently and deliver a new way of satisfaction. But, even so, many men remain puzzled with the idea that not all orgasms are of the same kind. Because of that, let’s discuss all the different types of orgasms which males experience and hopefully, shed some light on the sources of your erotic peak.


1. Ejaculatory Orgasm!

The most common way to orgasm for men is through a so-called standard or ejaculatory orgasm. This type of orgasm can be a result of a direct sexual act or masturbation. Typically, the ejaculatory orgasm begins with an erection, causing the penis to grow and the testicles to tighten prior to the release. The orgasm results in ejaculated semen and a well-known sensation of pleasure and shivers. Oh, yes!

2. Blended Orgasm!

Onto more complex ways of orgasming in men, a blended orgasm is also referred to as a whole-body orgasm. A blended orgasm affects not just the penal area, but also other parts of the body, which ultimately experience the same level of sexual relief. Commonly, this type of orgasm happens as a result of wild and fast-paced sex, or sensual sex which involves loads of stimulation.

3. Types of Male Orgasms: Wet Dream!

Another type of orgasm familiar to men is the wet dream orgasm. Although most present during puberty, a wet dream can cause ejaculation and an orgasmic feeling in men, without any sort of stimulation or arousal. Wet dreams do not happen for all men, but if you ever had one, you’d know the morning shock-and-pleasure feeling.

4. Multiple Orgasms!

Multiple orgasms are so versatile, that they belong to two different groups. The first one is a typical climax, followed by the urge to go for another erection immediately after. The second type of a multiple orgasm is continuous orgasm, where the men is able to continue the act without taking a break. Regardless of which type you have experienced, a multiple orgasm is more than welcome for men and women, too!

5. Types of Male Orgasms: Pelvic!

A pelvic orgasm is harder to achieve, but not impossible. A pelvic orgasm can be achieved through a tactic called edging, where the man comes close to an orgasm and withdraws or delays it. The goal of a pelvic orgasm is to learn how to control pleasure and enjoy a mind-blowing end result. And yes, the more you practice, the better chances you have of excelling in it.

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