Unrealistic Expectations That Actually Hurt Your Sex Life!

Everyone wants to be a good lover, whether to their partner, their date, or even their hookup. Still, wanting to be great in bed can sometimes trigger men to have great expectations of themselves. Unfortunately, having high expectations of yourself in bed can largely affect your self-confidence and comfort during sex. It would be impossible to think that you can have all the great-lover criteria checked.

So, why hold on to them in the first place?

If you care to become a better lover in general, here are the sexpectations to finally let go of.

1. Perfection

For the thousandth time, there is no such thing as the perfect lover or perfect sex date, so why aim for an unobtainable goal. Knowing your ‘territory’ during sex is important, yet, but you don’t have to plan your every step, nor can you. One of the reasons we love having sex is because of the unknown and the spontaneous, so let sex be just that…a flow.

2. Drives

As much you want to maintain a healthy and powerful sex drive, sometimes yours can mismatch your partner’s or date’s. Although we all feel passion, lust, and attraction to someone, the drive doesn’t always go both ways. And you know what? That is completely fine. We are all different people, after all, and express our sexuality at different times and ways. Plus, this mismatching won’t last forever, so be patient and let it happen on its own accord.

3. Emotions

Okay, this is one of those things that has to be settled once and for all. For some reason, we have been taught not to show ‘too much’ emotions during sex, especially if it is a casual hookup. But, the truth is, both men and women feel different emotions during sex, and suppressing them is not the answer. Showing the person in your bed that you are enjoying their company or sex moves is not a thing to dread, and it can actually make the sex even better. Sure, you don’t have to profess your love, but cuddling after sex will do your soul some good.

4. Know-It-All

No matter your experience in sex, don’t assume you know everything your woman wants. When you assume, you can lose your way and deprive your partner of an orgasm. Women like to give you directions and teach you how to please them, and as no woman likes the same things, the best way to learn is to ask for guidance.

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