How to Properly Ask for What You Want in Bed?

There is something to be said about having a great sex life and knowing how to ask for one. For men and women, asking for things in bed is rather uncomfortable, usually because it can come off as demanding. However, when you ask your partner to try out a sexy fantasy or wear more lingerie, it doesn’t mean that you are complaining.

On the contrary, it means that you are comfortable enough to communicate your desires and needs in bed, and guess what? There is a great way to do it nicely, thus avoiding any misunderstanding between you and your woman. here are 4 tip how to properly ask for what you want in bed?

First, Eliminate Any Discomfort!

Women don’t like to be pushed into doing things in bed, so if you really have your mind set on something you will have to create the ambiance for it. Think of it this way, years had passed before many sexual fantasies were normalized, including anal, oral and even threesomes. And why? All because we felt too uncomfortable to admit what we like.

But, when you have a partner who feels safe and secure by your side, you can ask for just about anything.

What You Want in Bed: Communication!

Asking your partner to do something out of the ordinary in bed is one thing. But, it is a totally different thing when you actually do it. Whatever it is you need from your partner, communicating your way through it is the key to making it all work. As soon as you get into the zone, feel free to ask your partner about how she’s feeling and if everything is alright.

Of course, if any issues arise on the horizon, it’s best to put things off for another time.

Don’t Ask, Show!

There’s nothing better in not just asking for what you want in bed, but actually physically showing it to your partner. If, for instance, you want to experiment with butt plugs, ask your partner to watch you do it on your own first. As visual and sensual creatures, women will get excited by seeing the evident pleasure on your face.

What You Want in Bed: Be Specific!

Miscommunication can become a big problem in the bedroom, especially when you want to ask your partner to do something new. The best way to avoid this is to be specific about what you want to do and how you want it done. Giving your partner a detailed idea of what you want will give her a great sense of direction in bed. But, that said, sex is all about embracing the unplanned moments, so try not to be too specific in your demands.


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