Your Guide to the Ultimate Casual Date!

Years ago, one-night stands would have been a ridiculous idea. However, nowadays, more and more singles understand the merits of casual dating and hot-as-hell sex. A casual date can be anything from a random hook-up or a professional date booked with a steamy escort.

But, what is the secret to pulling off a successful one-time, sexed-up date? Let’s dig in for some answers.

Casual Date: Communication!

Even in one-night stands, clear communication is important if you want to have maximum fun without any misunderstandings. One of the things to communicate with your instant date is your likes and dislikes, in bed in otherwise. Also, keep in mind that even if you don’t communicate it, overstaying your welcome is considered impolite, unless discussed otherwise.


Getting hot and heavy with someone for the first time requires talking about protection. Don’t be afraid to ask the other person regarding the forms of protection they are using, if any. Of course, the pill will keep you safe from unwanted pregnancy, but using a condom along with it will keep you protected against possible STDs and UTIs.

Casual Date: Dress the Part!

One-night stands are a great way to be your best self, whether in bed, over dinner, or when lounging in front of the TV. That means you should up your underwear game and perhaps treat yourself with a new shirt or a haircut. Trust me, everyone is a fan of a man who smells nice, dresses nicely and flirts just right.

Don’t Make Promises

Sometimes, having a nice time with your one-night stand will make you eager to see them again. And while this is completely fine, making promises should not be part of the scenario. Also, getting emotionally attached is not the wisest idea, so keep your emotional outbursts and expectations to a minimum.

Casual Date: Trust!

When meeting up with someone of a one-night tryst, it is always recommended you choose a reliable and trusting person. And, just like you expect discretion and privacy, you should offer them the same in return. Having your naughty fun is one thing, but remember to delete all evidence of your adventure at the end of the night.

Don’t Drink Excessively!

Alcohol and one-night stands don’t work well, so it is best you only treat yourself with a glass or two of your liquid courage. Inebriated sex never did anyone any justice, and staying sober will definitely keep you away from underperforming in bed.


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